William has a rather peculiar moniker that George and Charlotte use for him

Even by their standards, Prince William and Kate have had a busy start to the year.

The royal couple celebrated Christmas as usual, but this year was different from many others because Harry and Meghan served up a dish of worry and damaging rumours from the other side of the Atlantic.


Harry and Meghan have lambasted the Royal Family in their Netflix series and Harry’s frank memoir. The fact that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, the three children of William and Kate, are oblivious of the enormous rift, may be for the best. Their lives have carried on as usual, still involving school and a variety of pastimes.

Most of us now refer to our parents as “mom” and “dad” or a similar variation. However, it turns out that Prince George and Princess Charlotte refer to their father, William, in a very different way.


William is the next in line to succeed, and that entails a lot of responsibility. As history has demonstrated, scandals never make a royal’s job easier. He and Kate Middleton have taken on their royal duties with great seriousness, and they have thus far done a good job of keeping their names out of rumours and speculation.

Prince George will be required to perform many other royal tasks as he gets older, and attending events is just one of them. Of course, he will have a wide range of duties to manage as the incoming king.


It’s thought that William and Kate are gradually revealing to him what his future would entail. According to rumours, George, like his father, will certainly start working as a royal full-time by the age of 35, if not earlier. So being ready is essential for a future monarch.

Despite the fact that George and his brothers will probably devote their lives to serving the king, it’s important for them to have a normal upbringing as well.

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Within the Firm, titles and other regal greetings have always been customs, but they also have another, softer side. The children are no different from the other royals in having nicknames for one another.

According to reports, the Royal Family has long used nicknames. According to royal biographer Robert Lacey, Prince Philip referred to Queen Elizabeth as “Cabbage.” Her Majesty’s close family gave her the illustrious nickname “Lilibet.” When she was young, it was given to her because she had trouble pronouncing her actual name, Elizabeth.

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As one may have guessed, there are numerous nicknames used within the realm of royalty. The future generation of royals is currently occupied with creating nicknames for the members of their family.

Kate Middleton previously disclosed that Prince George had a special nickname for Queen Elizabeth. His first nickname for her was “Gan-Gan,” which is short for great-grandma. When Princess Charlotte was born, it was revealed that George nicknamed his father, Prince William, “Pops” and that they referred to the future king, Charles, as “Grandpa Wales.”

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When Prince George was a student at Thomas’s Battersea School, he acquired a nickname. Prince George’s initials, “P.G,” were used to refer to him.

A lot of people will always refer to their parents as “mom” and “dad,” “mother” or “father.” However, it appears that doesn’t apply to William and Kate’s offspring within the Royal Family.

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The royal family decided to give William a new nickname after hearing him speak on the radio, according to British TV chef Ainsley Harriott.

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