When Stephan gives a four-year-old special wedding vows, his response breaks our hearts

Attending a loved one’s wedding to celebrate the start of a new life is touching.

Attendees at USMC Sgt. Joshua Newville and Senior Airman Emily Leehan’s wedding anticipated a memorable celebration, but they also saw one of history’s most remarkable events.

As Leehan read aloud the vows she had made for her stepson Gauge, the cute young boy was bursting with enthusiasm over his father’s wedding. It was clear that he was delighted with his father’s decision as well as accepting his future mother.

Leehan turned to face Gauge after observing his wide-eyed expression and started reading their vows.

Because it was so sincere, everyone in the audience let out a “awww” at the end of her speech. Everyone in the house was beaming, but it was Gage’s endearing response that had everyone talking.

He clutched to his stepmother and cried violently as he heard her honest remarks.

Leehan remarked, “I want you to be a good person, stay safe, and put in your best effort.” She then gave him comfort, telling him, “Don’t cry, baby,” realising that the child was experiencing too much emotion at the time.

“The last thing I hope you discover is that you are a special boy,” Leehan went on. You are extremely charming, intelligent, and considerate of others. I may not have given you the gift of life, but life undoubtedly gave me the gift of you, and you have greatly contributed to the woman I am today.

The couple exchanged vows after pausing to gather themselves.

It was said that the newlyweds went back to work after the wedding. Both of them were necessary.

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