While Meghan was having Archie, Harry ate chicken and drank laughing gas

With the publication of his autobiographical book Spare, Prince Harry has captured the attention of the entire globe.

He gave viewers insights into his life as a working royal as well as what he believes happened with some of his closest family members. In addition, Charles spoke extensively about his upbringing, including the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and his time spent in the army.


In addition, Harry provided updated information about his firstborn child, Archie, as well as other aspects of the family he has built with Meghan Markle.

Although Harry and Meghan definitely like the limelight, they have so far made sure that their kids have a more protected upbringing. As a result, Archie and his sister Lilibet haven’t been seen very often.


But in the December airing of the Sussexes’ Netflix documentary, Harry and Meghan let their guard down and shared numerous intimate moments with their kids.

Harry revealed additional details about his personal life in Spare. Oddly, that also includes what he did while Meghan was giving birth to Archie. He allegedly got high!

The relationship between Harry and Meghan has become somewhat of an obsession for the British tabloid press. Even then, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as it looks like half the world is interested in what they are doing.

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The beginning of Harry and Meghan’s motherhood was fairly dramatic, at least for Harry, even though they have their hands full raising their kids and organising other career-driven undertakings.

Harry attacked some family members in his book Spare and exposed other areas of his life, including as the day his mother, Princess Diana, perished in a horrific automobile accident.

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However, the Prince also brought back a few more pleasant recollections.

Harry related the amazing event at the Portland Hospital in Spare, when he made the decision to take laughing gas to relax.

But I discovered two strategies for improving my composure. Nando’s chicken, to start (brought by our bodyguards). Two: Next to Meg’s bed, a laughing gas canister. I received a number of slow, piercing blows,” Harry recounted in his autobiography.


Meg was so composed. I was also relaxed.

Meg chuckled and rolled her eyes as she bounced on a huge purple ball, which is a tried-and-true method for encouraging nature. I continued to take blows, and soon I was also bouncing.

Harry went on to say that although a nurse had attempted to give his wife the gas to ease her agony, he had already used it all.

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