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With a touching video, Vin Diesel honours his mother’s 80th birthday

Vin Diesel, who is 56 years old, celebrated his mother Delora Vincent’s 80th birthday on Instagram by posting a touching video. They were seen grinning and hugging one other in the footage.

Vin Diesel described his mother as “beautiful and incredible” in the caption. He related how, when he asked his mother what she wanted for her birthday, all she said was “peace.”

Celebrity friends of Vin Diesel, such as Zoe Saldaña from Guardians of the Galaxy and Ludacris from the Fast & Furious movie series, participated in the celebration of his mother. Saldaña also sent her birthday wishes, and Ludacris wished her a “Happy Birthday.”

Vin Diesel has shown off his close relationship with his mother in the past. In a November 2021 post, he identified himself a “momma’s boy.” He expressed his profound affection for his mother in a poignant Mother’s Day statement he wrote to her in 2019.

Vin Diesel has already commemorated his mother’s birthday on social media. He previously posted a picture of her with Gal Gadot, another Fast & Furious co-star, in which she expressed her wish to see “The Last Witch Hunter” on her birthday.

Vin Diesel has always stressed the value of family. He and his spouse Paloma Jiménez have three children together. He talked on the significance of Meadow Walker’s appearance in the film, which was a cameo for his late co-star Paul Walker.

The Fast & Furious family members Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster also mentioned how important Meadow’s appearance was to them.

Brewster mentioned that Meadow is now a member of the family, and Rodriguez emphasised the franchise’s dedication to preserving Paul Walker’s legacy.

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