With “sharp-elbowed tactics” against Harry and Meghan, Kate Middleton revealed her less than innocent side

One of the most well-liked members of the Royal Family nowadays is Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales is currently the monarchy’s next in line.
She recently visited the United States for the first time in eight years with her husband, Prince William.


Even so, despite Kate’s undeniable popularity, she has over the years faced criticism and been involved in her fair share of conflicts. Unsurprisingly, the British tabloid press seizes every opportunity to malign her reputation.

Of course, being a royal leaves little room for error. Kate Middleton has met roadblocks on her way to becoming an integral part of what is undoubtedly the most recognised family in the world, but she has handled them with grace.

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Let’s examine some of the “controversial” incidents Kate Middleton has been a part of during her time as a royal in more detail. In addition, it’s been demonstrated that Kate is capable of being a very tough person despite frequently being portrayed as an incredibly nice and innocent character.

When Kate began meeting William, she attracted the undivided attention of the UK’s media. She was courting a future king, after all. While at the same time, there is no justification for the media to delve into her personal affairs.


William and Kate decided they’d had enough when Harry and Meghan made disparaging remarks about members of the Royal Family and Meghan divulged details about Kate and what transpired at the controversial dress rehearsal for her wedding.

Although Kate may come out as the loveliest, most innocent person in the world, she supposedly has a strong side as well. According to recent rumours, she and William have chosen to adopt “sharp-elbowed techniques” to control Harry and Meghan.

Robert Lacey, a royal historian, claims that acquaintances of the two brothers claimed that William and Kate aren’t as submissive as people may believe in a column for the Daily Mail.

The jealously the Cambridges previously experienced at being eclipsed by the megawatt younger brother and his bride is something that friends of William and Kate are happy to admit, according to Lacey.

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They both think that history will show how their pals William and Kate used some “sharp-elbowed” strategies to try to contain Harry and Meghan.

How William and Kate will react to Harry and Meghan’s documentary series will only become clear with time. While some say they won’t watch it at all, others claim William is already enraged.

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