All you need to know about Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a great personality whose great deeds won’t be forgotten in a hurry. It’s been 7 years since he left the surface of the earth, but he’s still fresh in our minds like it’s yesterday. 

He isn’t just remembered for his iconic roles on the screen, he was a great man who touched the lives of many.l

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He might be gone, but his footprints will always remain in the sands of time.

The legendary actor died in August 2014, just after celebrating his 63rd birthday. 

Nobody saw him entering the entertainment industry at a young age because he was shy, quiet, and reserved, I was rather surprised when he went to capture our hearts while earning a lot in the process.

Somehow his mom was the reason why he had so much humor around him. He always tried to make her laugh in other to get her attention.

Robin Williams performs at the Universal Amphitheater on July 1, 1979.Tony Barnard/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

When Robin graduated from high school in 1969 he was voted “Most Likely Not to Succeed” and “Funniest” by his classmates.

He went on to study political science at Claremont Men’s College in California but dropped out along the way to pursue a career in acting.

He got a scholarship at Julliard School New York after studying theatre arts for three years. During his stay in the school, everyone knew of Robin’s talent and he was identified as an extraordinary boy.

He became very popular among his mates and even the drama professors.

Actor Robin Williams and actress Pam Dawber

”I first knew he was more talented than the other kids when he played Fagin in ‘Oliver!’ We were having light board issues and by midnight had only made it through half the musical.

At one point he started talking to a baton he was carrying, and the baton talked back. It cut the tension and he had people laughing in hysterics. I remember calling my wife at 2 a.m. and telling her that this young man was going to be something special,” Dunn told The Marin Independent Journal in 2014.

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When he left Julliard School he was finding it hard to get a gig, but he didn’t give up until he became a big name in the show business.

During his lifetime he was able to amass $5.1 billion worldwide. 

He had a lot of financial drawbacks before his death, paying a $30 million alimony to two of his divorced wives was a major pocket drainer on his side and before his death, he auctioned his house for $35 million which he was later forced to sell for $18.1 million as no one wanted to buy.

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His net worth at the time of his death was $50 Million.

May his soul keep resting in peace.

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