The real identity of Angelyne – “Billboard Queen”

Angeline was born Renee Tami Goldberg in Poland on October 2, 1950.

She disclosed she was orphaned as a child and was raised by Foster parents in Idaho while speaking with the Los Angeles Times in 2001.

No one gave her attention as a child and she craved for it.

“I didn’t feel they were competent as parents, and this is where I relate to Marilyn (Monroe). She got tossed around as a child too,” she said.

It seems her part of the story wasn’t all true, as someone had an entirely different story about her.

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Baum revealed her real name and age contradicting what we all knew. He went on to say that Angeline was the daughter of a Polish who escaped the Chmielnik Ghetto during World War II, and emigrated to Israel.

She lived in an ultra-orthodox community of Hasidic Jews called BneiBrak outside of Tel Aviv before her family moved to New York


At the age of 14, Angelyne lost her mother and had to move to Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley, this was after living in Los Angeles’ Fairfax District. 

Baum is a Hollywood reporter and went as far as providing documents from Ventura County – filed in 2016 where Angelyne changed her name from Renee Goldberg to AngelyneLlyne.


Angelyne’sassistant and close friend, Scott Hening, Said it’s not true.

He told the Hollywood Reporter, “This stuff comes up every few years — it seems to get more and more ridiculous. My favorite one of all was this 300-pound black woman who claimed to be her mother. ‘I’m your long-lost brother,’ ‘your twin sister.’ Chalk it up to life in Hollywood. I’ve never heard of ‘Renee Goldberg.’ It’s laughable, it’s outrageous.”

“I’m not saying the paperwork [from the name change] isn’t legitimate,” he added. “I’m saying it ain’t her. Look, I get emails from another Scott Hennig, a karate expert in Texas. People think that’s me. There are a lot of girls out there named Angelyne. I don’t know what to tell you. And who knows how legitimate this old stuff is, going back to World War II?”


There are lots of stories surrounding the Billboard Queen and it never ends. The Billboard pushed her into the spotlight and she’s quite doing well.

We wish her all the best. 

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